Andrej Dujella

Andrej Dujella

Department of Mathematics
University of Zagreb
Bijenička cesta 30
10000 Zagreb

Full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Phone: (+385 1) 4605 780
Fax: (+385 1) 4680 335
Room: 301
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Curriculum vitae (Životopis)

Publication list (with papers in pdf format)

Fields of interest:

 * Diophantine equations (11D) - Diophantine m-tuples, i.e. sets with the property that the product of any two of its distinct elements is one less than a square; Simultaneous Pellian equations; Thue equations and inequalities

 * Elliptic curves (11G05) - Construction of high-rank elliptic curves; Integer points on families of elliptic curves

 * Diophantine approximations (11J) - Applications of Baker's theory and hypergeometric method; Continued fractions

 * Polynomials (11C08) - Indecomposability of polynomials and related Diophantine equations; Polynomial root separation

 * Fibonacci and Lucas numbers (11B39) - Diophantine and divisibility properties of binary recursive sequences; Connections with Diophantine m-tuples

 * Cryptography (94A60) - Elliptic Curve Cryptography; Cryptanalysis of RSA; Teaching

Diophantine m-tuples page

Elliptic curves tables:

Undergraduate courses:

Studentski seminar - Eliptičke krivulje i njihova primjena u kriptografiji
(Student seminar - Elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography) (2002/2003)
Mentorstva diplomskih radova (Graduation Thesis Supervisorships)

Graduate courses:

Mentorstva doktorskih disertacija i magistarskih radova
(Ph.D. Dissertations and Master's Thesis Supervisorships)

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