High rank elliptic curves with prescribed torsion over quadratic fields

Maintained by Andrej Dujella, University of Zagreb

Let T be one of 26 admissible torsion groups for an elliptic curve over a quadratic field [KM,Ka].
We define B(T) as the supremum of the ranks of elliptic curves defined over any quadratic field and having torsion group T (for the trivial torsion group we put T = 0).
In the following table, in the second column we give the best known lower bounds for B(T),
while the third column gives the values d (smallest in absolute value) of the corresponding quadratic number fields K = Q(√d).
Values in the brackets in the second column are conditional, assuming the Parity Conjecture.


    T          B(T)>=	                 d              			References

    0            30                     -3					[Na,El4], [El1,El3,Me]

   Z/2Z          28        	        -1					[Wa,ACP,ADJBP]

   Z/3Z          22		        -3					[Na,ER]       

   Z/4Z          15 (16)            -25689 (407589695068990858395)   		[ADJBP], [Na], [EK,Me], [El2,Vo]   

   Z/5Z          11        	         *					[Kl,Me]

   Z/6Z          15                 330374    					[EK,Vo]

   Z/7Z           8        	         *					[EK,Me]

   Z/8Z           9 (10)              -227 (68434553555382)			[ADJBP], [DP,Vo]

   Z/9Z           8        	    408729 					[Du,Vo]

   Z/10Z          7        	     -2495  					[ADJBP]

   Z/11Z          3		     12601				        [Vo]

   Z/12Z          7		      2014					[ADJBP]

   Z/13Z          2		       193					[Ra]

   Z/14Z          3		       430					[HH]

   Z/15Z          2		       190					[Vo]

   Z/16Z          3 (4)                205 (17381446)				[Na], [Vo], [HHVZ]

   Z/18Z          2		      9049					[BBDN], [Vo]

Z/2Z × Z/2Z      20 (21)               d37					[EK,Vo]
Z/2Z × Z/4Z      13 (14)	    -83201 (186503453333275772907657409)	[ADJBP], [EK,Vo]

Z/2Z × Z/6Z      10 	            624341					[ADJBP]

Z/2Z × Z/8Z       8               31230597					[ADJBP]

Z/2Z × Z/10Z      4 (5)               4063 (55325286553)			[BBDN], [ADJBP], [Vo] 

Z/2Z × Z/12Z      5                1098305					[Vo]

Z/3Z × Z/3Z       8		        -3					[Du,Pe]

Z/3Z × Z/6Z       6		        -3					[JB], [At,Vo], [At,Pe,Vo]

Z/4Z × Z/4Z       8		        -1					[Pe]


d37 = 3466878976650056958751531193538841866

The marks * in the table refer to the curves obtained by an application of Mestre's general construction
(he proved that for any elliptic curve E over Q there exist infinitely many quadratic twists with rank ≥ 2)
which produces quadratic fields with huge discriminants.


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