Number Theory

Undergraduate course (for second year students)

Lectures: Andrej Dujella, Filip Najman


Divisibility. Greatest common divisor. Euclidean algorithm. Primes.

Congruences. Euler's theorem. Chinese remainder theorem. Primitive roots and indices.

Quadratic residues. Legendre symbol. Quadratic reciprocity law. Divisibility properties of Fibonacci numbers.

Quadratic forms. Reduction of binary quadratic forms. Sums of two and four squares.

Arithmetic functions. Euler and Möbius functions. Distribution of primes. Asymptotic estimates for arithmetic functions.

Diophantine approximation. Dirichlet's theorem. Continued fractions. Law of best approximation. Liouville's theorem.

Diophantine equations. Linear diophantine equations. Pythagorean triples. Pell equation. Elliptic curves.

Quadratic fields. Units and primes in quadratic fields. Applications to Diophantine equations.

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Lecture notes
(in pdf format; in Croatian)

Student seminar - Elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography (2002/2003)


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23.6.2020. (pdf)

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