Opatija (ital. Abbazia, germ. Sankt Jakobi) is a small town located in the northwestern part of Croatia, on the Istrian peninsula.

Opatija is a popular tourist destination. It's modern history started in 19th century, when, as a part of the Austrian riviera, became a popular destination for the Austrian imperial family and Austrian nobility. In the late 19th century, Opatija was among the most elegant and fashionable resorts in Europe. This can still be seen today, since many 19th-century luxury hotels and villas have survived to the present time. First luxury hotel on the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea was built in Opatija in 1884. In 1887, the first sailing club on the Adriatic was established, and in 1889 the Austrian government officialy declared Opatija as the first climatic seaside resort on the Adriatic. Opatija's first guide was published in 1883 in Vienna with the title Abbazia, Idylle von der Adria.

Popular landmarks are the 4th-century Benedictine abbey of Saint James, from which the town derives its name (opatija means "abbey" in Croatian), and 12 kilometer long waterfront Lungomare, finished in 1911.

More information on Opatija can be found on its wikipedia pages, english and german.


The conference venue is the Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta (4 Opatija's flowers), located in the very center of Opatija, on the waterfront Lungomare. It consists of four villas that are named after Opatija's best-known flowers: Camellia, Magnolia, Wisteria and Begonia. The hotel includes the congress center Tamaris where the conference will take place.

The conference package includes 5 nights halfboard in a single room or in a shared double room accommodation, coffee breaks, wifi, and the use of conference room and other standard facilities. The price of the conference package in a single room accommodation is 423€, and for shared double room accommodation is 338€. The price of the conference package for accompanying persons is 311€ which includes 5 nights halfboard in a shared double room accommodation. The price of the conference package includes VAT, residential tax and swimming pool usage.

Should participants like to stay one or more days before or after the conference, the arranged special price for participants for one night with halfboard in a single room is 62€, and for shared double room is 46€. The hotel has a garage, the price is 12€ per car per day.

Children aged 0-2,99 have 100% discount, children aged 3 – 6,99 have 80% discount, children aged 7 – 11,99 have 50% discount, children aged over 12 have 20% discount. Supplement for the children's bed is 10€ per day.

The hotel can be contacted by info@milenijhoteli.hr or by +385 51 278 007. More information can be found on the web page of the hotel.

For the hotel registration, please fill the following form (click here for the pdf version) and send it to the hotel before May 5. The accompanying persons data should be filled as in the following example: 1 adult, 2 children aged 3 and 9 (an example of the filled form). All participants who are sharing a room and are filling separate registration forms should indicate the person with whom they will be sharing the room. Alternatively the hotel can pair up participants who wish to share a room but do not have a prearranged roommate.


The nearest airport is Rijeka airport (timetable of arrivals, timetable of departures), located on the island of Krk, approximately 40 kilometers from Opatija. In connection with arrival of each scheduled flight at the Rijeka airport, there is an airport bus which leaves shortly after the arrival and drives to Opatija. The travel time from the airport to Opatija is 45 minutes, and the price is around 10€.

In vicinity there are also Pula (100 km), Trieste (110 km), Ljubljana (130 km), Zagreb (180 km) and Venice (220 km) airports.

The easiest way from Pula airport to Opatija is to get the airport shuttle bus to Pula and pick up a bus for Opatija. From Pula to Opatija there are plenty of buses troughout the year, the travel time is about 2 hours. Other possibility is to take a train to Rijeka. For more info please visit Pula info web page.

Trieste, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Venice airports are connected by bus and train to Rijeka, and from Rijeka there are frequent buses (bus line no. 32) to Opatija. The main bus station is located a few hundred metres directly east from train station. For more than one person, taking a taxi might be less expensive than taking a bus.

From Trieste to Rijeka there are several buses a day on this route, with a journey time of two to two and a half hours. The services are run by Croatian bus company Autotrans – you can find timetables on their site or on the Trieste Bus Station website. Buses depart from the main bus station in Trieste, situated at Piazza della Liberta 11 (next to the main railway station).
To Rijeka one can also go by train, but that involves getting from Gorizia Central to Nova Gorica (best take a taxi). However, Nova Gorica is an intersting station, as the border between Italy and Slovenia runs right through the middle of the square in front of the terminal building. See http://www.bahn.de for schedules.

In case of arrival to the Venice airport, one can go by train from Venice to Trieste in roughly two hours.

From Ljubljana to Rijeka there are two train connections a day. Please visit http://www.bahn.de for schedules.

From Zagreb to Opatija there are frequent buses, and one can also travel by train. Information about the bus connection can be found here, and see http://www.bahn.de for train schedules.

There is no train station in Opatija, but there is one in Rijeka, 15 kilometers away. The best direct connections (but still not quite good) are with Zagreb and Ljubljana. See http://www.bahn.de for schedules. Once in Rijeka, the easiest way to come to Opatija is by using buses, which are quite frequent (every 20-30 minutes, bus line no. 32). The main bus station is located a few hundred metres directly east from train station. For more than one person, taking a taxi might be less expensive than taking a bus.
The trains coming from the direction of Ljubljana are also stopping at the railway station Matulji located 6 km from Opatija. From Matulji one can take a taxi to Opatija.
Opatija is very well connected by bus with all major Croatian cities, and there are direct lines to European cities such as Trieste, Ljubljana, Vienna ...

Map of the area


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