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Professional duties

Conference organization:

  • 8th Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing  ApplMath13, June 10-14 2013, Šibenik, Croatia (Organizing Committee)
  • Conference on Partial Differential Equations COPDE 2014, May 29 - June 1 2014, Novacella, Italy (International Organizing Committee)
  • 9th Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing  ApplMath18, September 17-20 2018, Šibenik, Croatia (Organizing Committee)
  • 10th Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing ApplMath20September 14-18 2020, Brijuni, Croatia (Organizing Committee)

Editorial work:

Review service:
Ph.D. thesis supervisorships:
  • Marija Prša (with E. Marušić-Paloka), Mathematical analysis of the heat conduction problem in a dilated pipe filled with a fluid (12.7.2018.)
  • Marko Radulović, Mathematical analysis of the nonsteady flow of micropolar fluid in a thin domain (23.5.2019.)

Administrative duties:
  • Vice Head of Department of Mathematics (2014-2018)
  • Assistant Head of Department of Mathematics (in charge of science) (2014-2018)

Other duties:

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