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  • M. Bonnivard, I. Pažanin, F.J. Suarez-Grau, Effects of rough boundary and nonzero boundary conditions on the lubrication process with micropolar fluid, submitted.

  • M. Beneš, I. Pažanin, On degenerate coupled transport processes in porous media with memory phenomenasubmitted.

  • I. Pažanin, F.J. Suarez-Grau, Homogenization of the Darcy-Lapwood-Brinkman flow through a thin domain with highly oscillating boundaries, submitted.

  • E. Marušić-Paloka, I. Pažanin, Reaction of the fluid flow on time-dependent boundary perturbation, submitted.

  • E. Marušić-Paloka, I. Pažanin, On the viscous flow through a long pipe with non-constant pressure boundary condition, submitted.

  • I. Pažanin, M. Radulović, Asymptotic approximation of the nonsteady micropolar fluid flow through a circular pipe, submitted.

  • E. Marušić-Paloka, I. Pažanin, Higher-order effective model describing a non-isothermal thin film flow, submitted.

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