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  • I. Pažanin, M. Radulović, On the heat flow through a porous tube filled with incompressible viscous fluid, submitted.

  • M. Beneš, I. Pažanin, M. Radulović, Leray's problem for the nonstationary micropolar fluid flow, submitted.

  • E. Marušić-Paloka, I. Pažanin, M. Radulović, On the Darcy-Brinkman-Boussinesq flow in a thin channel with irregularities, submitted.

  • I. Pažanin, M. Radulović, Effects of the viscous dissipation on the Darcy-Brinkman flow: rigorous derivation of the higher-order asymptotic model, submitted. 

  • E. Marušić-Paloka, I. Pažanin, Homogenization and singular perturbation in porous media, submitted.

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