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Contributed talks

  • Brinkman-type models in fluid film lubrication,  8th Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing ApplMath13, Šibenik, Croatia (2013)

  • Investigation of the pipe flow with a pressure-dependent viscosity (poster), Oxford Conference on Challenges in Applied Mathematics OCCAM, Oxford, UK (2013)

  • New asymptotic models for fluid film lubrication, Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2014, Prague, Czech Republic (2014)

  • Investigation of the lubrication problem in a rough thin domain filled with micropolar fluid, Conference on Partial Differential Equations COPDE 2014, Novacella, Italy (2014)

  • Asymptotic analysis of the fluid flow with a pressure-dependent viscosity, Conference on Partial Differential Equations COPDE 2015, Munich, Germany (2015)

  • Effects of viscous dissipation on the fluid flow through a thin domain, Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2018Prague, Czech Republic (2018)

  • Effects of small boundary perturbation on the porous medium flow, Ninth Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing ApplMath18, Šibenik, Croatia (2018)

  • Roughness-induced effects on the lubrication process with micropolar fluid, Brijuni Applied Mathematics Workshop 2021, Brijuni, Croatia (2021)

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