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English-Croatian Dictionary
Croatian-English Dictionary

Englesko hrvatski rjecnik
Hrvatsko engleski rjecnik

     (or: The bright side of the black hole)

EH Dictionary is maintained by
Dr. Goran Igaly


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  News and brief overview

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In two years of its existence on the Internet, the following applications of EH Dictionary appeared:
    6 free English-Croatian dictionaries for Windows,
    7 web accesses to EH Dictionary
2 WAP translators
    2 programs for accessing EH Dictionary on Linux.
    5 implementations of EH dictionary for other platforms.

13. November 2003. another big project of the same author has been started: Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary -- rr.HE

Project "English-Croatian Dictionary for Translators - 2003-066" has been selected for the support by Ministry of Science and Technology - Republic of Croatia, as one of the projects for applying information technology, for period between 25 November 2003 and 24 November 2004.

English Croatian Dictionary has been presented 0n 8 March 2004 in TV program "Planet Internet"

Program "Rjeènik" (Dictionary), based on EH Dictionary has been published in PC Chip, on DVD media

Work "Online Croatian-English-Croatian Dictionary" (, based on EH Dictionary has been submitted to CUC 2004 - Web Festival.

Eh Dictionary has came to pages of wikipedia. Although lowly for the beginning, but it will be better..

Link to the official interface to the EH Dictionary has been placed also at official pages of Slovenian Government

This page was created on 13 May 2002. During the first 18 months of its existence, it has not been sponsored by anybody, but however, the result of this project is greatest English-Croatian Dictionary, accessible to everybody. EH Dictionary is stored as plain text and consists of two columns, English and Croatian. EH Dictionary does not explain terms, but only suggests acceptable translations. Therefore, it is equally usable as an English-Croatian or as a Croatian-English dictionary for translators.

You can freely download EH Dictionary in plain text format and use it for any purpose, with no restrictions. I only ask you to send me the information about how you have used the dictionary and to emphasize on the visible place that the origin of dictionary data is EH Dictionary, whose author and editor is Goran Igaly. I will gladly publish all the information accessible to me about using EH Dictionary.

To be permanent useful, this dictionary has to be filled with new terms, and wrongly entered terms have to be corrected. For this purpose, I have defined very simple procedure which do not require any special technology or excessive efforts. It is only important that all users of EH Dictionary invest certain effort for general, so proper, well-being.

For addition of new terms to EH Dictionary, please send a message to the address Please enter: ADD in the Subject field, and in the message body, the list of translations you want to add to the dictionary.

For deleting wrongly entered terms, please send message with Subject DELETE to the same address.

I will manually implement your suggestions to the dictionary (by using Copy and Paste commands). And that's all. I keep the right not to publish malicious contributions.

Monthly number of readers of this page

The official online interface to EH Dictionary is on the address Only the inquiries addressed through this interface will be considered in determining priorities for dictionary updates.

¦The newest version of the dictionary in plain text format can be downloaded from this page. After downloading the dictionary and using it successfully, please do remember that this dictionary did not arose by its own, and give your contribution to its improvement.

At last, here is the list of those who recognised the importance of this initiative, and put links to EH Dictionary, or who have made use of EH Dictionary in some way. If you are among them, please contact me. I will be glad to put the link to your page here.

  The most interesting questions

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During my work on EH Dictionary project, I had many contacts with EH Dictionary's users and answered many questions. I have selected some of them here, and hope they could be interested for broader audience.

Dictionary is super. I am using it on my work, but is it used also by others? I think, you must be on-line!

EH has started its life as plain text file EH.Txt. Today, two years after its start, there are about twenty implementations of EH Dictionary -- from Windows, Linux applications, web, WAP accesses, even to the applications for IP phones. Everybody can use this dictionary according his own capabilities and needs.

One of interesting applications is application by using Notepad or WordPad. So, it can't be easier, you just open file EH.Txt in notepad and perform "Find" command. It can't be easier! It works ultra fast, does not require installation or computing resources.

I have even be told by one user that he produced PDF file based on dictionary and browses the dictionary in such way. So, every possibility of usage is possible.

Online access is the way by which we are getting feedback about queried words. In fact, no matter how we set-up the system for collecting data on remote computer, I am sure that I will never information about real needs for different user profiles -- from doctor, natural scientists, lawyers, scholars, to the ordinary inquisitives.

Since I have ADSL at home, when I need translation of some term immediately, I am using online version of EH Dictionary more frequently, although I have several dictionary applications based on EH Dictionary and two Bujases in the corner of my desk. Simply, it is easier for me to click on the link :o)

Moreover, you can place to Favourites the following link: EH Dictionary.

Finally, it is true that currently majority of users are using EH Dictionary on their working places, but in respect to the fact that this dictionary and the whole project is designed for longer period, things will develop in such a way that online usage of whole planned dictionary system will become more important.

Is your dictionary really the biggest Croatian English Dictionary on the net and what are your plans for adding new terms? Can I expect, for example, law related terms?

Yes, EH Dictionary is really the biggest Croatian-English dictionary on the net. I am planning to add several thousands of new terms, especially terms that are requested via online interface -- so not imaginary and unneeded terms. I am also planning to add law-related terms in such quantities as will be requested by dictionary users with their queries on Currently, I am working on deletion of about two thousands duplicated and wrongly entered records. My intention is to provide a framework for producing absolutely best English-Croatian dictionary. Especially, after planned connecting with Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary, which is the biggest dictionary of that kind, and after connecting with best available monolingual dictionaries (Croatian and English), EH Dictionary will be the most complete EN-HR dictionary system. In the same time, I am developing system for automatic translation, but for now only for my own needs.

That's great! where can I download it???

After you post at least one query at, at the bottom of page you will find links to EH dictionary in plain text format, and you can freely download and use it from there. Based on this version of EH Dictionary, about twenty of its applications were developed.

Do you ever take any input into consideration?

During database updating, every query is taken into account. But, because of huge number of queries, I am not able to process them immediately, so you can see the delay. The priority of request is defined based on its frequency. If you want to speed up the addition of some term into database, you can send it by an email (Subject ADD) to the address Please note, if you are sending the message for adding new term into the dictionary, you have to write both English and Croatian text.

I am using EH Dictionary for a while and I am patiently adding descriptive texts in that little boxes at the bottom. Is it saved anywhere, or I must send this via email? And what is the meaning of those boxes if they are not functional?

Every suggestion and comment is recorded. Based on these comments (among other) the list of terms for adding to the dictionary is constructed. These suggestions and comments are processed by me personally (unfortunately there are many errors in writing, and many wrong suggestions), so they are not added immediately, but when I can process them.

Contributions sent via email have greater priority. I am trying to answer every email in the shortest possible period and I am trying to discuss possible obscurities about suggested terms.

We have thought about improvements of module for sending comments and we will implement it during several few months.

Dictionary is super, but it would be good if you will include pronunciation of English words

In current phase of EH Dictionary, accent is on improvement of bilingual database (EN-HR) - growth and deleting wrongly entered terms. During search process, you can enter wildcard character (*). In such a way, you can specify the group of terms for search (for example, if you enter "* se", you will find all Croatian reflective verbs). Automatic correction of wrongly entered term is in the domain of spelling checker programs, or monolingual dictionaries (for example Webster's for English). In one of next developing phases of EH Dictionary I am planning to connect EH Dictionary with monolingual dictionaries, and then the possibility for correcting wrongly entered search term.

Why EH Dictionary does not find anything on query "comgrattulation"?

In current phase of EH Dictionary, accent is on improvement of bilingual database (EN-HR) - growth and deleting wrongly entered terms. During search process, you can enter wildcard character (*). In such a way, you can specify the group of terms for search (for example, if you enter "* se", you will find all Croatian reflective verbs). Automatic correction of wrongly entered term is in the domain of spelling checker programs, or monolingual dictionaries (for example Webster's for English). In one of next developing phases of EH Dictionary I am planning to connect EH Dictionary with monolingual dictionaries, and then the possibility for correcting wrongly entered search term.


  Dictionary implementations

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web interfaces to EH Dictionary   The only official interface to EH Dictionary  

online English-Croatian and Croatian-English dictionary  

English-Croatian and Croatian-English dictionary  

Croatian English Dictionary / English Croatian Dictionary

(detail information available on request)   Ministry of science, education and sport -- Intranet

English-Croatian and Croatian-English dictionary on-line dictionary.   Croatian - English Dictionary   English to Croatian and Croatian to English free online dictionary

WAP aces to EH Dictionary;f=1&u=

Bosiljak - WAP translator;f=1&u=

T.Kuzmic - WAP translator

Implementations of EH Dictionary on Windows

English-Croatian Dictionary. File for the initial data entry.   Zdenka - translation of English words and reading of English text   English-Croatian Dictionary
(detail information available on request)   Interface to EH Dictionary realised in MS Access   Lingo - Windows version   Bidirectional English-Croatian Dictionary v.0.9 (pure WinAPI, 42kb , C++ source code)

Implementations of EH Dictionary on Linux

  Dictionary - program for Linux  

Hr-En - Croatian-English and English-Croatian dictionary for Linux.

Other implementations of EH Dictionary   Including EH dictionary into "freedict" project.  

converting EH Dictionary into Mi:D dictionary for PalmOS handheld computers.

(detail information available on request)  

Implementation of EH Dictionary as a service on Cisco IP telephone  

Lingo - Mac OS version  

Lingo - Mac OS X version


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A lot of success in using EH Dictionary,
Dr. Goran Igaly.