Tvrtko Tadic

Welcome to my homepage!

I am a former postdoc in the Division for Probability and Statistics within the Department of Mathematics. At the moment I am a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington and a Software Enigneer in Microsoft AI & Research divison working on Cortana.

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My email address use to be available on the list of employees, it ends with, and starts with my first name.


3/6/2019 I am speaking at UW's probability seminar on 4/22 on Stochastic Fixed Point Equation with Positive Coefficients

3/1/2019 Paper Inverse Exponential Decays: Stochastic Fixed Point Equation and ARMA Models has been accepted in Bernoulli.

12/15/2017 The paper Time-like graphical models has been accepted by the Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

9/1/2016 I am no longer employed by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Zagreb.

7/1/2016 The paper Random reflections in a high dimensional tube has been accepted by the Journal of Theoretical Probability.

1/30/2016 The paper Can one make a laser out of cardboard? has been accepted by the Annals of Applied Probability.

1/9/2016 Abstract of my talk at Joint Mathematics Meetings is available here.

I am a participant in the Grant 3526: Stochastic Methods in Analytical and Applied Problems funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. I did my PhD in the probability group at the University of Washington in Seattle under the supervision of Krzysztof Burdzy.

1 shows the location of my Seattle (Bellevue) office and 2 my fromer Zagreb office.