About me

Tvrtko Tadic

I grew up in Zagreb where I finished elementary and high school education. During that time I won several prizes on national mathematical competitions, and I represented Croatia on two International Mathematical Olympiads. I was also on the schools' chess teams (playing 2nd-4th board) that won the City of Zagreb Championship five times.

I graduated from the University of Zagreb in 2008 with a Graduate Engineer degree majoring in Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science. As an udergraduate I worked as an editor (in various roles) in the Croatian Mathematical Society. Later, I was elected to the Executive Board and was a member of the Assembly of the Croatian Mathematical Society.

From 2008 to 2016 I was employed as a Teaching/Research Assistant within the Divison for Probability and Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb. In 2010/2011 I enrolled in the Mathematics PhD Program at the University of Washington. I got my PhD in March of 2015 in the probability group under the supervison of Professor Krzysztof Burdzy.

In summer of 2014 I was an Analytic Science - Intern at FICO working in customer account managment improving prediction scoring models. From May 2015, I work in Microsoft as a Software Engineer. I worked for Bing maps & local search until April of 2017, and now I work for Cortana at work.

I am recipient of many awards and honors, some of which are: Croatian Power Company Award for High School Students, National Excelence Undergraduate Scholarship, National Institute of Education Honor, The City of Zagreb Merit Scholarship, Tomo Horvatinčić Foundation Fellowship, UW Department of Mathematics Academic Merit Award and McKibben & Merner Fellowship.

My CV is available here.