My scientific work is based on studing partial differential equations using theory and techniques of real and functional analysis such as Fourier analysis, microlocal defect functionals (H-measures, semiclassical measures...) and strongly continuous semigroups.

I am part of research projects (funded by CSF) Microlocal defect tools in partial differential equations and Mathematical analysis and numerical methods for diffusion driven multiphase systems, and active member of Seminar for differential equations and numerical analysis at the Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb.

Currantly, I am an assistant professor at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb.


) Nenad Antonić, Marko Erceg, Marin Mišur: Distributions of anisotropic order and applications to H-distributions, December 2019, 33 pp.
) Marko Erceg, Marin Mišur, Darko Mitrović: Velocity averaging for diffusive transport equations with discontinuous flux, January 2019, 24 pp.

Published (or accepted for publishing)

) Marko Erceg, Alessandro Michelangeli: On contact interactions realised as Friedrichs systems, Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, 13 (2019) 703-736. [preprint]
) Marko Erceg, Martin Lazar: Characteristic scales of bounded L2 sequences, Asymptotic Analysis, 109(3-4) (2018) 171-192. [preprint]
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) Marko Erceg: One-scale H-measures and variants (in Croatian), Ph.D. thesis, University of Zagreb, Zagreb (2016).
) Marko Erceg: The semi-classical limit of the Schrödinger equation (in Croatian), Master thesis, University of Zagreb, Zagreb (2011).