Starting from the 1st of March 2018, I am no longer employed in academia. I will keep this webpage updated with mathematics related research as long as I have access.

Marin Misur


103 (1st floor)
email address     

Prirodnoslovno-matematicki fakultet
Bijenicka cesta 32
10 000 Zagreb

Research interests

General areas of my research are partial differential equations and calculus of variations (particularly, parametrised measures and compactness by compensation theory).
I am also interested in parallel computing and applications of parallel computing on GPUs.


I defended my PhD thesis H-distributions and compactness by compensation [.pdf file] on 2nd of June 2017 under supervision of prof. Nenad Antonic.
The defence committee: prof. Marko Vrdoljak (the chairman), prof. Nenad Antonic, prof. Evgenij J. Panov.

I have attened the following PhD classes:
master degree:      Compactness by Compensation, July 2012, University of Zagreb (advisor: prof. Nenad Antonic)
bachelor degree: July 2010, University of Zagreb


You can find my short CV here.

Scientific work and publications

Collaborators' links: Darko Mitrovic, Nenad Antonic, Marko Erceg, Andrej Novak, Ljudevit Palle

Presentations at conferences

June 2013: ApplMath13 - 8th Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Sibenik, Croatia
where I gave a talk On a generalization of compactness by compensation in the Lp-Lq setting
May 2014: PDEs, Continuum Mechanics and Numerical Analysis, Dubrovnik, Croatia
where I gave a talk On H-distributions
July 2014: Dans146 - Days of Analysis in Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
where I had a poster presentation
August 2016: Hyp2016 - XVI International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems. Theory, Numerics, Applications, Aachen, Germany
where I gave a talk On the Dirichlet-Neumann boundary problem for scalar conservation laws
September 2016: GF2016 - International conference on generalised functions, Dubrovnik, Croatia
where I gave a talk H-distributions, distributions of anisotropic order and Schwartz kernel theorem
September 2016: VII International Conference Optimization and Applications, Petrovac, Montenegro
where I gave a talk On a gradient constraint problem for scalar conservation laws
October 2016: International Conference Applications of Generalized Functions in General Relativity, Stochastics and Mechanics, Novi Sad, Serbia
where I gave a talk On Lp compactness of commutator of multiplication and Fourier multiplier operator
February 2017: Generalized Functions, Microlocal Analysis, PDEs and Dynamical Systems - Conference in memory of Todor V. Gramchev, Torino, Italy
where I gave a talk Extension of Cordes' and Tartar's results on compactness of commutators
June 2017: ATFA17 - Aspects of Time-Frequency Analysis, Torino, Italy
where I had a poster presentation
August 2017: 11th ISAAC Congress, Vaexjoe, Sweden
where I gave a talk Anisotropic distributions and applications

Study visits and internships

Invited seminars

Skills and competencies

languages: croatian (native)
english (fluent)
german (basic knowledge)
french (basic knowledge)
computer skills:   C, CUDA C, MPI, basics of C++,
familiar with BLAS and Lapack,
MATLAB, basics of FreeFem++,
LaTeX, TeX
Linux System Administration
machine learning and version control (Git)


American Mathematical Society (no longer a member)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (no longer a member)
International Association for Generalized Functions
Amnesty International


I have held excercise sessions at the following graduate and undergarduate classes:

undergraduate: Introduction to Mathematics (2012/13, 2013/14), Linear Algebra I (at the Department of Physics; 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18), Mathematical Analysis II (2013/14), Methods of Mathematical Physics (2012/13, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17)
graduate: Introduction to Optimisation (2012/13)

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