Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics Zagreb

Department of Mathematics, Bijenicka 30, Zagreb, Croatia. Email: cnd@math.hr

Nonuniform Hyperbolicity

Focus of research:

Investigation of properties and characterizations of various classes of nonuniformly hyperbolic systems. In particular, investigation of non-uniform hyperbolicity for non-autonomous dynamical systems.

 Key publications:

  1. L. Barreira, D. Dragičević, C. Valls, Lyapunov functions for strong exponential dichotomies, Journal of mathematical analysis and applications 399 (2013), 116-132.
  2. L. Barreira, D. Dragičević, C. Valls, Lyapuonov functions for strong exponential contractions, Journal of differential equations 255 (2013), 449-468.

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