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Department of Mathematics, Bijenicka 30, Zagreb, Croatia. Email: cnd@math.hr

Bifurcation Theory

 Focus of research:

A bifurcation of a dynamical system is a qualitative or topological change in its dynamics produced by varying parameters of a given family. Bifurcation theory provides a strategy for investigating the bifurcations that occur within a family.

Fractal analysis of bifurcation uses fractal invariants of an orbit to characterize a bifurcation. The basic fractal invariants are box dimension (also called box counting, Minkowski, Bouligand dimension or limit capacity), and Minkowski content. It was first discovered that the box dimension of a spiral trajectory tending to a singular point or limit cycle signals a moment of Hopf bifurcation, see D. Žubrinić, V. Županović,  Fractal analysis of spiral trajectories of some planar vector fields, Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques, 129/6 (2005), 457-485. The Hilbert's 16th problem (still completely open) asks for upper uniform bound for number of limit cycles which could bifurcate from a planar polynomial system. This approach from the point of view of fractal geometry is shown to be efficient also for discrete real and complex dynamical systems. In the spirit of 16th Hilbert's problem, discrete systems are applied to a study of continuous systems, using Poincaré map, time-1 map and  holonomy map.

 Key publications:

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