Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computation

Dubrovnik, 13-18. Sept. 1999.


                               Organized by
  1. Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb
  2. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Osijek
  3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    and Naval Architecture
    , University of Split
  4. Technical Faculty, University of Rijeka

 The aim of the Conference is the exchange of ideas, methods and problems between various disciplines of applied mathematics. Non mathematicians using mathematics as a tool were encouraged to take part in the Conference.

The conference took place at the Inter-University Center, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

        Topics of the Conference:

  A mini course ``Effective boundary conditions between a fluid and a solid’’ was  presented by Prof. A. Mikelić, Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon, France.

Conference proceedings:


Mladen Rogina

Zvonimir Tutek

Vjeran Hari

Nedžad Limić


Selected papers were published in the ApplMath99 Conference proceedings: Applied mathematics and computation.
Proceedings of the 1st Conference held in Dubrovnik, September 13--18, 1999. Edited by M. Rogina, V. Hari, N. Limić and Z. Tutek.
University of Zagreb. Department of Mathematics, Zagreb, 2001. viii+271 pp. ISBN 953-6076-70-5

Reviewing: Mathematical Reviews, ( Issue 2004c); MathSciNet 

Prices: Softcover 20 EUR + shipment, available also on a  CD for the cost of the shipment. Send mail to for details of payment. Available on-line (free):

  1. Zip file containing the proceedings (17,081 K)
  2. Contents and  access to individual papers


You may publish your paper on your personal or corporate web site with the appropriate reference to the Proceedings without any consent. You can not send the paper, or parts of it, to be published elsewhere without the written permission from the publisher. Croatian laws with  respect to authors rights apply in all other respects. Detailed information is available here (in Croatian). An English  translation of the specific items will be sent by email upon request.

Abstract book:

Abstract book in PostScript (357 K) and dvi (120 K) format is available, including schedule.

Excursion to Ston:

We have visited STON, on Thursday 16. September 1999.; departure 16:00, arrival: 24:00. We have also visited  arboretum in Trsteno

Organizing committee: Scientific Committee:
M. Rogina, chairman Z. Tutek
R. Scitovski A. Mikelić
Z.Drmač K. Veselić
E. Marušić-Paloka V. Hari
I. Slapničar R. Scitovski
S. Vuković B. Vrdoljak
M. Marušić L. Sopta
S. Singer H. Šikić
N. Limić I. Aganović


Official conference sponsors:

  2. CV SYSTEMS ltd.

Mladen Rogina and Zvonimir Tutek

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