HeLoMa - Dynamics of Hénon and Lozi Maps

Dynamics of Hénon and Lozi maps – HeLoMa – is a project funded by the NEWFELPRO program (Grant No. 24). The project duration is 36 months, from August 2014 until August 2017, and includes researcher's stay of 24 months in the U.S. in the Outgoing Phase, and 12 months of the Return Phase in Croatia. The Host Institution in the Outgoing Phase is the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. The Host Institution in the Return Phase is the Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb.

Aims and Scope.

Strange attractors are a well-known phenomenon in chaotic dynamics. Although not the only of its kind, the Hénon attractor is a standard and extensively studied component of chaotic dynamics. The fact that the Hénon-like attractors model the behavior of homoclinic tangencies diffeomorphisms, makes them a universal structure in the onset of chaos.

Much work has been devoted to the studies of two-parameter families of horseshoe-like maps of the plane such as the Hénon maps and the Lozi maps, but the understanding of their dynamics is still very incomplete.

The aim of HeLoMa project is to bring together the researcher from Croatia and experts from the U.S. over a period of three years to work toward better understanding of dynamics of the horseshoe-like maps of the plane and strange attractors which arise in such dynamical systems.


NEWFELPRO - the NEW international FELlowship mobility PROgramme for experienced researchers in Croatia – is a fellowship project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia, co-financed through the Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND program.