First Announcement


The conference "Multiscale Problems in Science and Technology. Challenges to Mathematical Analysis and Perspectives" will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, during the week of September 4--10, 2000. The goal of the conference is to bring together the mathematicians working on the multiscale techniques (homogenisation, singular perturbation) and specialists from the applied sciences who need these techniques. The idea is that mathematicians could contribute to solving problems in the emerging applied disciplines usually overlooked by them and that specialists from applied sciences could pose new challenges for the multiscale problems.

The conference will take place at the Inter University Center (IUC), Dubrovnik, situated few hundred meters from the old walled city. The accomodation for the participants is anticipated in the hotels being at the walking distance from the IUC. The list of hotels with the prices is enclosed. The first lecture starts on Monday, September 4 in the morning, while the lectures finish on Saturday, September 10.


Organising Committee:

Contact Person

Call for Papers

The scientific program will consist of invited plenary lectures (45 minutes), invited lectures (25 minutes), short communications (15 minutes) and a poster session. Please indicate your intention to give a communication or to take part in the poster session on the Registration Form and send us a 15 lines abstract (in TeX or LaTeX) to the contact e-mail address given above. (This is necessary for accepting your communication.) We intend to publish the conference proceedings. Detailed information will be given in the Second Announcement.


The scientific program

It is envisaged to have the expository lectures in the following topics :


It is a pleasure for us to announce that the lectures will be given by

B. Engquist (UCLA, Los Angeles),

I. Fonseca (Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburgh),

H. Kinzelbach (Int. Th. Physics, Universität Heidelberg)

P. Knabner (Universität Erlangen),

S. Luckhaus (Universität Leipzig),

A. Piatniski (Lebedev Institute, Moscow),

M. Primicerio (Università degli Studi di Firenze)

R. Robert (Institut Fourier, Grenoble),

C. Schwab (ETH Zürich),

B. Schweizer (Universität Heidelberg),

L. Tartar (Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburgh),

R. Wehrse (Astrophysik, Heidelberg) and

V. Zhikov (University of Vladimir)

A short course by Prof. Luc Tartar: Mathematical tools for studying oscillations and concentrations: from YOUNG measures to H-measures and their variants will be presented as well.


Social program

Participants will have a guided visit to the walled old city. They could enjoy daily the beauty of its medieval fortifications from 13th and 14th century, its franciscan and dominican monasteries from 14th, its gothic and renaissance palaces and its baroque churches. September is a very pleasant month in the southern Dalmatia, with daily temperatures higher than 30 degrees and the sea temperatures are higher than at the end of June. Official conference dinner is previewed for Wednesday, September 6, in the nearby small city of  Ston, known of its medieval fortifications and the production of oysters and other sea shells. It will be also an opportunity for a wine-tasting of the fullbodied strong red wines from the peninsula of Pelješac, south-west from Ston. Also, there will be a welcome coctail party on Sunday evening, September 3.


Below are a few links of interest:

We advise flying to the Dubrovnik airport Čilipi. There is also a daily ferry connection with Bari and Venezia . It is also possible to go to Dubrovnik by car from nearby countries.


We recommend Hotel Lero (I. Vojnovica 14, HR-20000 Dubrovnik; tel. +385 20 332 022, fax: +385 20 332 123, e-mail:, where (for information) half-board is $34 (in single rooms), or $26 (in double rooms/per person); bed and breakfast $26 (in single) or $18 (in double room). Each room is equipped by a refrigerator and a TV. This hotel is within the walking distance to the Conference (IUC), and on the direct bus line. 

Other accomodation (please inquire directly on the vicinity and comfort)

Within the same price range:
Hotel Bellevue (tel. +385 20 413 095, fax. +385 20 414 058)
Hotel Imperial (tel. +385 20 412 675, fax. +385 20 411 340)
Sesame Inn (tel. +385 20 412 910, fax. +385 20 421 054)

On the higher end:
Hotel Argentina (tel. +385 20 440 555, fax. +385 20 432 524, e-mail: )
Hotel Excelsior (tel. +385 20 414 215, fax. +385 20 414 214, e-mail: )





SWIFT ZABA HR 2X, account no.

2500- 840- 3270157

if paying in American dollars, or


SWIFT ZABA HR 2X, account no.

2500-280- 3270157

if paying in German marks, or

30102 603 11389

(žiro račun), poziv na br.35

if paying in Croatian kunas

Alternatively, a cheque can be send directly to the contact address

Professor Nenad Antonić
for the conference "Multiscale Problems in Science and Technology. Challenges to Mathematical Analysis and Perspectives "
Department of Mathematics
Bijenička c. 30, 10 000 Zagreb

The participants are asked to write the complete account number and the name and address of the institution in the payment order. Please include also "Department of Maths, Multiscales Dubrovnik" as the receiver institution. To avoid any problems with the identification of your payment, we would appreciate a short e-mail message sent to the contact address.

Important dates