Automorphic forms, representations, and applications

Grant no. 9364 supported by Croatian Science Foundation HRZZ (July 2014 - June 2018)


Recent and major breakthrough in the Langlands programme is a proof of existence endoscopic transfer of representations both local and global automorphic from split classical groups to GL(n) proved mainly by Arthur. Our research proposal fits very well with this recent development. First of all, the work of Arthur has its local application in the classification of representations of discrete series that was done by Moeglin and Tadić. Based on those results we plan to pursue the following investigations in the representation theory of p-adic groups. We would like to compute the Jacquet modules of discrete series representations completely.This will help us understand representations parabolically induced from those discrete series (generalized principal series) completely. This will have consequence on the problems of determination of complementary series for classical groups a problem related to the classification of unitary representations. Results of Gan, Savin and Ichino will help us extend some of those results to metaplectic groups. This will have important consequence on the determination of theta correspondence for dual pairs consisting of odd orthogonal and metaplectic groups such as explicit determination of all theta lifts. In the theory of automorphic forms, we would like to understand the construction of Arthur and Moeglin more explicitly. This will construct new series of square integrable representations; some special cases were obtained earlier by Muić, and Muić and Hanzer.This will give locally many interesting unitary representations which are more complicated than that has appeared in earlier works of Speh, Rogawski, Tadić, Muić, Savin, and Hanzer. We will apply those methods to study cohomology and poles of automorphic L-functions.

Principal investigator:

Goran Muić, Professor, Zagreb

Team members:

Darija Brajković, Ph.D. student, Osijek
Igor Ciganović, post. doc., Zagreb
Neven Grbac, Associate Professor, Rijeka
Marcela Hanzer, Professor, Zagreb
Iva Kodrnja, post. doc., Zagreb
Ivan Matić, Associate Professor, Osijek
Marko Tadić, Professor, Zagreb
Sonja Žunar Ph. D. student, Zagreb
Nevena Jurčević Peček, post. doc., Rijeka


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Worshop: On some recent developments in local and global representation theory (May 19, 2018; Zagreb) organized by N. Grbac, M. Hanzer and G. Muić