Darko Mitrovic


Office: A302 (3rd floor)
email address: darko.mitrovic [at] math.hr    

Prirodnoslovno-matematicki fakultet
Bijenicka cesta 32
10 000 Zagreb

Faculty of Mathematics
University of Montenegro
Cetinjski put bb
Podgorica, Montenegro

Research interests

partial differential equations and calculus of variations; hyperbolic conservation laws; analysis and numerics of transport in the highly heterogeneous media


Work experience


You can find my short CV here.


The most relevant publications in the last 7 years (full list can be found at: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=B6wOodYAAAAJ&hl=en):

Research projects

Skills and competencies

languages: south slavic languages (native)
russian (fluent)
english (fluent)
norwegian (professional)
french (professional)
computer skills:   Matlab, Latex, Tex; familiar with Linux (Ubuntu); Windows XP office

Teaching (at University of Zagreb)

During the academic year 2014-2015, together with prof. Nenad Antonic, I am giving doctoral lectures on Microlocal defect functionals.

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