Presentation of the Math Department at the Zagreb University Fair 2002.

The already traditional approach to presenting mathematics and the Math Department at the university Fair has been continued again, for the 5th time. There is not much to be said about this, what hasn't been said already. Still, as a reminder: the main idea is to show that math and mathematicians are fun and that there are many careers open to those who decide to study mathematics.

As with many things, it is good to have "something old and something new". So we did it again! The old "things" were the official colors (blue and yellow), most of the posters, the two prize games (solve a recreaional math prolem and connect the mathematician with his biography), exhibits on the stand, no modern computers, ...

The news were: the official poster in Tolkien's style ("Map of Middle Math"), which was also used in A4-size as a prize for our prize-games, and full-time show of mathematical magic tricks with cards, numbers, matches, ropes, ...

Here are the pictures. Since there are many, I grouped them this way:

Pictures of the 1st day
Pictures of the 2nd day
Pictures of the 3rd day
Pictures of our chemist friends/rivals