Presentation of the Math Department at the Zagreb University Fair 2001.

It is now for the 4th time that my colleague and friend Mea Bombardelli and me organize the presentation of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Zagreb at the University Fair. And since the beginning of our work (1998) the (non-explicitly stated) motto is "Have fun with math and mathematicians".

This year the presentation of the MathDept in Zagreb showed both "old" elements (two prize games from the previous year - one with puzzles and problems, the other consisting in combining mathematicians and their biographies; also many posters were made last year already - about famous Croatian mathematicians, famous female mathematicians, then of cours information about the study programme; the "exhibits" were also mostly from last year - math. toys, a "computer with mouse" i.e. abacus with plush mouse etc.)

New this year was a third prize-game called "Find the burried treasure", consisting in finding it through solving 3 math-problems from various fields, appearing as lands on a hand-made map of the "Mathematical continent". The prizes were chocolate coins and nuggets. New were also short (5-10 minutes) presentations of various interesting or fun mathematical themes ("What are diapers", "Fibonacci numbers in nature", "Mona Lisa and math", "Fractals", "Equations and floods", "Math and music", "CD-math", "Origami: lots of paper and some math", "Magic (or Moebius) band", "Math of the hungarian cube", "Flatland: take a walk in the fourth dimension", "Misfortune never comes alone", "Mathematical magic tricks").

Here are the pictures. Since there are many (33), I grouped them this way:

Pictures of the stand
Pictures of the presentations
Pictures of our chemist and geophysic
friends and colleagues