Presentation of the Math Department at the Zagreb University Fair 2000.

This year, the Math Dept. mostly used last year's design: the same main poster and most of the other posters, again there were no modern computers (yet, there was a "computer with mouse", i.e. an abacus, a mechanical computing machine, a big logarithmic calculator, as can be seen on the pictures above). New posters included an overview of the most famous Croatian and female mathematicians.

The stand was again very well noticed. One of the main reasons were two games with prizes: one, as last year, with problems from recreational mathematics, each solved problem bringing the solver a small chocolate, and a new prize game consisting in pairing biographies of (60) famous mathematicians with their picture and name. Each correct guess resulted in the same reward as a solved problem, but there were bonus problems conncected with the mathematician in question, which (when solved) brought also some other reward.