Presentation of the Math Department at the Zagreb University Fair 2004.

This year we completed the ideas of the presentaitons of the previous years to have an unique main theme:

The Magic Land of Middle Math

This meant the main activities presented were mathematical magic tricks, and the visual elements were strongly leaned on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

The official colors were blue and yellow as allways, but all persons working at the stand also had brooches representing various LOTR characters: Frodo was wearing a ring with inscription on a chain arround his neck, then there were brooches for Sam (Lothlorien leaf), Legolas (bow and arrow), Gimli (axe), Aragorn (Narsil), Arwen and Galadriel. The boss of the stand was Sauron. And Gandalf had a robe and wizard's hat. The brooches (except the ring for Frodo and bow and arrow for Legolas) were made by our 1st year student Iva Barisic. As Gandalf, as the special guest of our stand, acted professor Mirko Polonijo.
Besides, there was the traditional Land of Middle Math map on the wall as well as it's small versions (B/W, color) for distribution as prizes in our game. All versions of the map of the Land of Middle Math are © by Franka Miriam Brückler.

The mathematical magic tricks presented were of various types: card tricks, number tricks, topological tricks. The most popular trick was roping two persons together and letting them try to part without removing the knots from their wrist.

There was only one prize game this time: solving fun math problems. There was a big variety in problems: except for recreational math problems on our blackboard, as problems were considered also solutions of magic tricks, tangrams and similar puzzles, creation of magic squares and magic cubes, ... Prizes were small chocolates, A4 and A3 versions of the map of the Land ofMiddle Math and a cardboard version of a number trick. Some time before the end of the Fair, we picked the names of a few of those who solved 3 or more problems, who recived mathematical books as prizes (donated by professor M. Polonijo and the Croatian Mathematical Society).

Of course, the main objectiove of the University fair - giving information about studying mathematics - was not forgotten. We had various informational posters about the Math Department in Zagreb, as well as leaflets about the Department and study programme. A detailed booklet about the admission procedure and the study programme could also be bought at the stand.

For decorational purposes there were various mathematical exhibits (geometrical models, computing machines from the past,...), and as always: no modern computers.

Pictures of the 1st day
Pictures of the 2nd day
Pictures of the 3rd day