The third day (Apr 3rd, 2004)

Our blackboard with prize-problems.

How the stand looked when nobody was arround.

Computer with mouse and other mathematical goodies.

Preparation for the saturday-morning-shift.

Two geophysicists enjoy beeing tied.

Galadriel supporting physics presentation.

But she's soon back to her mathematical home. And, oh wonder, she's tying somebody again.

Fully concentrated meditation could help the guy to get out of this. Or Aragorn's Narsil.

Another entangled couple...

...using the usual strategy...

...which leaves the actors puzzled.

Sauron can also dance. With her dancing-teacher. From geophysics.

Galadriel and Sauron. Galadriel is pulling the string arround Saurons neck.

One can also tie parents with their children. Especially if the parent is the boss of the physics stand.

Gandalf no. 4 is doing his tricks...

...and nobody wonders about this approach to becoming independent.

The fair is about to end. It's saturday afternoon. But the crowd is still, guess where? Look for Gandalf's hat and you'll know which stand it is. In front, physicists are also still having guest. But their crowd is smaller :-)

Just before the end...

... it's time for some other problems.

The pictures are © Franka Miriam Brückler, except for the 2nd picture in 3rd row, which is © Zeljka Bilac.