The second day (Apr 2nd, 2004)

Getting ready to rope the guests

Testing the ropes

A pair trying to resolve their bonds

But maybe it's better to stay connected

Security service has everything under control. Except for mathematical ropes.

Trying to move the duck

Gandalf gives advice

Male bonding

Undressing the man...

...reversing his shirt...

...still doing it...

...and dressing him back again with his shirt reversed. He came back for more and brought other guys!

There were not enough tables for tricks

The team of friday morning. Without the boss. But with co-boss on the right.

Professor-assistant relationship...

...who is ruling whom?

It's so hot, so the boss starts to strip... err, to undress...

Assistant-student relationship...

... the student helps the assistant...

...but the assistant (the boss :-) has to finish it by herself.

One shouldn't forget his rivals from chemistry. So one should rope them.

Now they can't separate... it's so romantic.

Thinking of becoming independent.

But it doesn't work out. Instead, the roped duo becomes the entangled chemical quartet. The romance is turning into ***[censored]***

A close-up of the problem.

Overwiev of the situation.

Starting the afternoon shift.

Galadriel and Gandalf no. 3

Ropes are very suitable for making math presentation mobile.

What 2 ropes and 1 (or more) mathematicians do to other people.

Mathematical ropes visited other stands. Here Gandalf enjoyed roping two beautiful civil-engineering-representatives.

No, they're not dancing for Gandalf.

Even StarTrekkers from Faculty of engineering were roped by Gandalf.

But one should admit: StarTrekkers have mastered the situation much more cooly than others. And they didn't use teleportation.

Geophysicist ropes Sauron.

Sauron's fingernails.

Mathematician vs. geophysicist.

Roped students from ZSEM. These ones have already passed their exam in math...

... but it was only applied math for economists. Not topology.

The pictures are © Franka Miriam Brückler.