Besides my official work at the faculty (that is, lectures and scientific work), I also draw the posters for the Mathematical colloquium of the Croatian Mathematical Society - Division Osijek (regularly in the period 1997-2001, now only occasionaly). The posters resulted in two calendars (1999, 2000).
The design of the poster and other materials for the 7th International Conference on Operational Research (also the picture for 10th International Conference on Operational Research) is also my work, as is the design of all materials and web-pages for the 2nd Croatian mathematical congress and the conferences Functional Analysis VII, Functional Analysis VIII and Functional Analysis IX. I also designed the front page of the journal Mathematical Communications, the logo and some published materials of the Dept. of Mathematics of the Univ. of Osijek, various posters and presentation materials for the University Fairs (most can be seen on the pictures from the fairs, as listed a few lines down this page), some math books published by the Dept. of Mathematics of the Univ. of Osijek,... I'm the graphic director of the e-zine math.e.

With Mea Bombardelli, I arranged the presentation of the Math Department at the Zagreb University Fair in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

I was an invited speaker at the 10th Meeting of European Women in Mathematics (note: I'm not a feminist :-) on Malta in August 2001, talking about "Popularization of mathematics: local and not so local perspective" and presenting a poster with the title "Visual Communication of Mathematics in Croatia". In December 2001 I was invited to be a member of the round table at the conference "Mathematik und Geschlecht" in Essen, Germany. I also was an invited speaker at the conference Popularisering av matematikk in Trondheim, Norway, in November 2003. There I contributed with a talk about "Using history in popularisation of mathematics". Here is the power-point presentation of that talk (ca. 2MB). I participated at the International Congress on Mathematical Education, where I was part of the Circus Mathematicus.

I wrote an article about the World Mathematical Year, published in the magazine for math methodics and lecturing "Poucak" and held two colloquia about the same topic (one in Zagreb, one in Osijek). I write short biographies of mathematicians for the Osijek publication Osjecka matematicka skola aimed for school public (pupils and teachers).

Here is my collection of links and a bibliography on popular mathematics: links and books. I'll try to add evry interesting link or book I come accross.

And here is the English version of the map of the Land of Middle Math!

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