Fussball, nogomet, football, soccer ...

It's now for over 20 years that I love the game. And it's high-time to design my own page, or hopefully: page-collection, about the best game of all.

As the World Cup is still going on and I just arrived home from a one-week-trip to Germany, I'm starting with some pictures of the atmosphere. I wasn't in a stadium, but still it was a great experience: fans and flags everywhere: in the WC cities (I visited Munich and Dortmund) and also in the cities where no games are played (I visited Essen and Duisburg). Here are a few pictures I shot:

Morning of Jun 19th in Munich railway stations: sleeping Brasil and Australia fans everywhere.A Spanish fan in a Munich fountain.
Watching Germany vs. Ecuador in Cafe Extrablatt in Essen.A Mexican fan in Dortmund railway station.
The main street in Dortmund.In the "Zum Alten Markt"-restaurant in Dortmund.
Football is an impuls for faith: the bulletin-board of the St. Maria Evangelic Church in DortmundIn the Dormund Kronen-pub.
English fans in the Kronen-pub.And some more English fans. Managed to make me an England-fan.
Japanese on the left, Swiss on the right.Italians in Essen celebrating victory over Czech Republic.
Brasil fans on the way to Dortmund to the match with Japan.Munich before the match Germany vs. Sweden.
Bavaria is ready for the game.The Munich main square befor Germany vs. Sweden.
Swedish fans in Munich.All pubs and inns are ready for the game.
A pub in the Munich Leopoldstrasse during Ger. - Swe..The street is very wide and there are many pubs... all were looking like this.
That's me. The author of this page.Celebrating victory.
The hole street full with happy people...
Music and singing everywhere.Fans at the main square.

All photos above are © Franka Miriam Brückler, 2006.

Last update: Jun 26th, 2006.