This is a trial of making a list of all the beers I have ever tasted. I'm trying to remember them all (particularly many German beers are definitively missing), so it's growing even if I don't taste any new. Last update: July 31st, 2012.

  • Eggenberger I tasted the Premium Lager.
  • Gösser (Hell+Dunkel)
  • Hirter Hirter Privat Pils is very soft. I prefer the usual more bitter versions of pilsener.
  • Murauer The Märzen is mild, a bit malty, a bit hoppy. My Austrian favorite.
  • Ottakringer The Gold Fassl is to my taste quite neutral.
  • Puntigamer. My second favorite of the Austrian beers.
  • Reininghaus
  • Wieselburger Bier. A "Helles". Quite OK for my taste, but nothing special.
  • Zipfer. I tasted Urtyp and Urtyp Medium (lower in alcohol). Quite hoppy and tasty, I prefer the usual to the medium version.

  • Leffe. I tasted both Leffe Blond and Leffe Brune. Both are very good for my taste, but I prefer the dark version.
  • Stella Artois. I know it only in the license version produced in Croatia. I think it's a good all-rounder.
  • Karlovacko pivo. The dark version is good and malt, the normal export version is too bitter for my taste and the quality varies.
  • Medvedgrad.A private pub-brewery. It produces two types of beer: "Zlatni medvjed" (light beer), and "Crna kraljica" dark beer). The "Mrki medvjed" (semi-dark) is alsoserved - it's a mixture of the previous two. All three are quite light and refreshing.
  • Osjecko pivo. There are Osjecko svijetlo (nothing special about it, a good "Märzen type beer), Osjecko tamno (my favorite Croatian dark beer, quite malty) and Esseker Pils (it doesn't exist anymore).
  • Ozujsko pivo. (One of) the most popular beer(s) in Croatia. Märzen type, good, but nothing special. Produced by the Zagreb brewery. Other beers from hat brewery are Tomislav (dark, malty and strong) and Bozicno pivo (Christmas beer, stroner and quite tasy).
  • Pan. A good light lager. I know many people who don't like it, but it's a very good lager for my taste. There is also Golden Pan.
  • Starocesko. Produced in Daruvar. The beer is hoppy and has a bitter aftertaste.
  • Velebitsko pivo. There are a golden and a dark version. Both are quite good.
  • Vukovarsko pivo
  • Budweiser
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • There was another one. I don't remember the name, but it was at the Bonner Biermesse in 2001.
  • Albani
    • Odense Pilsner
    • Paske Ol
    • Special Classic
  • Brewpub
    • Ellhorn
    • Jacques Brel
  • Bryggeriet Flakhaven
    • Lager
    • Ale
  • Bryggeriet Refsvindinge
    • AZ Ale No. 16
    • Mors Stout
  • Bryghuset Braunstein
    • BB Amber Lager
    • BB Dark Lager
    • BB Noble Helles
  • Carlsberg
    • Carlsberg Beer
    • Carlsberg Hvede (Wheat-beer, I think that was the name)
    • Carls Lager
    • Carlsberg Pilsner
    • Carlsberg Sort Guld
    • Carls Special - a lager which is so far my favorite Danish beer
    • Carlsberg Dark - dark and malty; it's good, but I tasted better beers of that style
    • Carl's Ale
    • Elephant - strong and sweet lager
  • Ceres - I tasted Royal Export Classic
  • Faxe
    • Faxe Premium Pilsner is a light pilsener. I found it great.
    • Faxe 1901 Classic
    • Faxe Fad
  • Tuborg
    • Gron Tuborg - pilsener
    • Tuborg Classic
    • Tuborg Guld
  • Thisted Bryghus
    • Thy Okologisk Pilsner
    • Thy Okologisk Humle
    • Forsoegbryg Nr. 23b
  • Sakara Gold - a quite good lager
  • Peroni
  • Nastro Azzuro
  • Nastro Azzuro Rosso - my favourite of the Italian beers!
  • Nastro Azzuro Double Malt
  • Moretti
  • Birra Italia 1906
  • Farsons Pale Ale
  • Dahls Pils
  • Frydenlund
  • Hansa Lettol
  • Mack - very refreshing, definitely my Norwegian favourite!
  • Ringnes
  • Žiwiec
  • Žiwiec Porter
  • Debowy Mocny
  • Okocim
  • Tyskie
  • Warka
  • Žubr
  • Lech
  • Super Bock Classic
  • Sagres
  • Lasko. Produces Zlatorog pivo, Zlatorog Club, Temno Lasko and other.
  • Union
  • San Miguel
  • San Miguel Especial
  • Mahou
  • Estrella Levante
  • Estrella Galicia
  • Estrella Damm
  • Cruzcampo
  • Efes Pilsen
The pictures are © Franka Miriam Brückler.