The purpose of this conference is to commemorate the work and scientific contribution of Branko Najman by bringing together experts who work in the fields of: Block Operator Matrices, Differential Operators, Indefinite Inner Product Spaces, Variational Principles, and Numerical Methods for any of the above.

This is the second in a series of conferences on the same topic (Dubrovnik, 2000)

The conference has taken place at the CAAS, situated few hundred metres from the old walled city.

The conference proceedings will be published in a special issue of the journal Operators and Matrices.

The conference scientific committee (Paul Binding, Aad Dijksma, Jürgen Voigt and Krešimir Veselić) will edit this issue. More details about the submission of the papers can be found here.

For further information contact any of the local organizing committee Vjeran Hari (, Ivica Nakić (, Luka Grubišić ( by e-mail or write to any of them at:

Department of Mathematics
University of Zagreb
Bijenička cesta 30
10 000 Zagreb