Workshop on quantitative spectral theory and mathematical physics


The format of the workshop is informal and it is planned that all participants

will give 45 minute talks with ample time reserved for discussions.


Accommodation and organization is provided by hotel Colentum. The price for the conference package is 1932 kn. This includes half board.

Island of Murter is located near the national park Kornati, and the national park Krka is also in vicinity (50 km by car).

The easiest means of transportation is to fly into Zagreb airport and then take a direct bus to Murter (approx 5 hours bus ride).

An alternative is to fly into Zadar or Split airports and take a bus

to Šibenik and a local bus to Murter.

If there is a group of people arriving to Zadar airport

it could be possible to organize a shuttle minibus to the hotel at a more favorable price. The cost of a minibus - max. 8 participants -  is 80 € per minibus. In case there are interested participants please contact

The list of participants and talks:

  1. Bullet Luka Grubišić (University of Zagreb, Croatia) A posteriori error estimation for rational eigenvalue problems with applications to band gap computations for photonic crystals

  2. Bullet Amru Hussein (University of Mainz, Germany) An indefinite operator on finite metric graphs

  3. Bullet Željko Jeričević (University of Rijeka, Croatia) Faster solution of large, overdetermined, dense linear systems

  4. Bullet Vadim Kostrykin (University of Mainz, Germany) On \(2\times 2\) symmetric matrices

  5. Bullet Maroje Marohnić (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Derivation of a model of the prestressed elastic string

  6. Bullet Ivica Nakić (University of Zagreb, Croatia) On the correspondence between spectra of the pencil \(A-\lambda B\) and of the operator \(B^{-1}A\)

  7. Bullet Jonathan Rohleder (TU Graz, Austria) Spectral properties of elliptic differential operators and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps

  8. Bullet Reza Samavat (TU Chemnitz, Germany) Structure and spectral properties of inhomogeneous random Graphs

  9. Bullet Stephan Schmitz (University of Mainz, Germany) On indefinite differential operators of second order

  10. Bullet Christoph Schumacher (TU Chemnitz, Germany) Lifshitz asymptotics for Hamiltonians with some monotonicity in the randomness

  11. Bullet Fabian Schwarzenberger (TU Chemnitz, Germany) A Banach space-valued ergodic theorem and applications

  12. Bullet Josip Tambača (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Mathematical modeling of vascular stents

  13. Bullet Martin Tautenhahn (TU Chemnitz, Germany) Wegner estimate for alloy-type models with sign-changing exponentially decaying single-site potentials

  14. Bullet Ivan Veselić (TU Chemnitz, Germany) Eigenvalue flows for linear pencils of operators

Looking forward to seeing you in Murter:

Luka Grubišić

Ivica Nakić

Ivan Veselić


  1. spectral theory for operators in a Hilbert and Krein spaces

  2. spectral theory for PDE and approximation procedures

  3. geometric and spectral properties of graphs

  4. Schrödinger operators modeling disordered systems

  5. singular perturbations of PDEs including dimension reduction

Island of Murter, Croatia, 14-18 September 2011

A particular objective of the workshop is to intensify the cooperation between Croatian and German scientists working in mathematical physics and continue the series of joint Zagreb-Chemnitz seminars, which started in September 2010.

The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of the following institutions:

Department of mathematics, University of Zagreb

Mathematics department, TU Chemnitz

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

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