Glasnik Matematicki, Vol. 40, No.1 (2005), 149-175.


Yoshifumi Konami and Takuo Miwa

Izumo-Nishi High School, Izumo City 693-0032, Japan

Department of Mathematics, Shimane University, Matsue 690-8504, Japan

Abstract.   In this paper, we study Puppe exact sequence and its application in the fibrewise category MAP. The application shows that we can prove the generalized formula for the suspension of fibrewise product spaces. Further, introducing an intermediate fibrewise category TOPHB, we give an another proof of the original formula in TOPB using the concepts of TOPHB.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification.   55R70, 55P05, 55R65.

Key words and phrases.   Fibrewise topology, category MAP, fibrewise pointed homotopy, fibrewise pointed cofibration, Puppe exact sequence.

Full text (PDF) (free access)

DOI: 10.3336/gm.40.1.14


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