Glasnik Matematicki, Vol. 37, No.2 (2002), 293-301.


Kamil Demirci

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Kirikkale University, Yahsihan 71450, Kirikkale, Turkey

Abstract.   In this paper we study the concepts of statistical cluster points and statistical core of a sequence for Cλ methods defined by deleting a set of rows from the Cesaro matrix C1. Also we get necessary conditions on the matrices A and B so that A and B are equivalent in the statistical convergence sense and, study the equality ΓA(x) = ΓB(x), where ΓA(x) is the set of A-statistical cluster points of the real number sequence x.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification.   40A05, 26A03, 11B05.

Key words and phrases.   A-density, A-statistical cluster point, A-statistical core of a sequence.

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