The conference PDEs, Continuum Mechanics and Numerical Analysis - A Conference in Honor of the 80th Anniversary of professor Ibrahim Aganovic will take place at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies, University of Zagreb - Dubrovnik (CAAS, Don Frana Bulica 4) on May 26-30 of 2014. Some of the aims of the conference is to highlight the many contributions of Ibrahim Aganovic to continuum mechanics and related PDE's, to present development of the fields and also allow his many collaborators and colleagues to acknowledge his friendship.

image In the late sixties Professor Aganovic introduced Applied mathematics to University of Zagreb through his graduate and undergraduate courses on Continuum mechanics, Partial differential equations and Classical mechanics. He is the founder of Seminar on differential equations and numerical analysis. His main scientific contributions are in modeling of composite and thin structures in elasticity theory, and fluid flow through porous media.